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If you've at least used some form of writing or web content management software, there is a chance you encountered the Lorem Ipsum text.

But to those who don't know what Lorem Ipsum is, it may just be a nonsensical clump of Latin words. If you dig a little deeper and do some research on Lorem Ipsum, you’ll discover the incredible history behind it. Let’s take a quick look at its history, fun facts, uses, and its alternatives.

What is Lorem Ipsum?

In layman's terms, Lorem Ipsum is a dummy or placeholder text. It's often used in laying out print, infographics, or web design. The primary purpose of Lorem Ipsum is to create text that does not distract from the overall layout and visual hierarchy.

Although the text is in Latin, it does not have any intelligible meaning. It's merely a generic text used to hold a place in a file until the actual text or visuals are created to replace it.

A brief history of Lorem Ipsum

The term Lorem Ipsum is derived from the Latin term Dolorem Ipsum which means "pain itself. " The text has been in use for a very long time and its history spans for over two millennia.