Triax Koka RG6-PVC Black 305m Reel, CCS Coax Cable - Satellite Cable

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RG 6 - PVC black - 305m reel

  ONLY available for Middle East and Africa

TRIAX RG 6 PVC type is a premium cable for in-house installations. The wide frequency range allows the cable to carry signals for both television, radio, satellite receivers etc., whether the signal comes from satellite, terrestrial antenna or cable-tv.

This cable is designed with a center conductor of Copper Clad Steel (CCS) which offers high mechanical strength. Due to the gas injected foam, which is far superior to the chemical foam, the copper cladding carries the signals without great losses. A good quality conductor and appropriate gas injected dielectric grants velocity ratio higher than 80%.

For outdoor installation we highly recommend the coax cables with PE jacket, as this material simply is more resistant to weather conditions.


EAN Number5702661500367 
Inner conductor - materialCCS 
Inner conductor - dimension1.02 ± 0.01 mm 
Dielectric - materialFoam PE 
Dielectric - dimension4.57 ± 0.05 mm 
1. Shield foil – materialAlu/PET bonded 
1. Shield foil - overlap20 % 
2. Shield braid - materialAlu 
2. Shield braid - coverage60 ± 3 % 
Jacket - materialPVC 
Jacket – dimension6.86 ± 0.15 mm 
Screening attenuation @ 30-1000 MHz> 75 dB 
Screening attenuation @ 1000-2000 MHz> 65 dB 
Screening attenuation @ 2000-3000 MHz> 55 dB 

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